Earn 50,000 per week with facebook

Friends, this thought must have come to your mind that many people earn money sitting at home and can we also earn money sitting at home like them.

So the answer is yes, you too can earn a lot of money sitting at home and this is a very easy way due to which you can earn thousands of rupees sitting at home. You do not need any skill to earn money sitting at home, just you have a mobile and then if you have a computer then you too can earn money sitting at home.

There are many ways to earn money sitting at home but I will tell you some such ways by which you can really earn and it really works.

If you also want to know how we can earn money sitting at home, then read this article of mine carefully and I will try to give you the information.

So first of all the easy way to earn money is Facebook. Yes, you will be left knowing this but you can really earn a lot of money from Facebook. Many of you use Facebook but they do not know that they can earn money from Facebook too.

So now after reading my article, do not waste your time on Facebook, you can also earn money from this, so let's start this topic of today.

earn money from Facebook

Before earning money from Facebook, you have to create a page on Facebook and you can name this page on your topic, whose related you will also upload videos and photos on your page. For example, if you want to upload funny videos, you can name your page Funny Videos.

After doing all this, friends, you have to upload your content like if you have a funny page then you have to upload funny content. But keep in mind one thing, do not copy and upload someone else's content because it will not benefit you because your Facebook page will not be monetized.


Yes, after that you have to upload content on your page every day and on that, you need at least 10000 followers who follow your page. Jay Facebook's policy is that you must have at least 10,000 followers if you want to earn money from Facebook.

Believe me, you will make 10000 followers on Facebook in a few days because many people are active on Facebook and they are always looking for new contacts, so you always have to upload unique and different content which is more than today. More people can join and share your page with more people.


After uploading your content you need 10000 followers and after that, you can send your Facebook page for monetization and you can also earn from Facebook. After that, the Facebook team will review your page and after that, they will turn on monetization on your page, after which some ads will run on your Facebook page like it runs on YouTube's page.

With this, you will earn and you can give your bank account on that page so that after 1 month you will get the payment directly in your bank account.

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