Earn 30,000 per month with Youtube at home.

Do you guys also want to earn money from YouTube, then you are reading the right article because today I will tell you about how you can earn money on YouTube.

Friends, as you know, everyone uses YouTube, whether it is a child and whether it is an old man, everyone has a smartphone and they use YouTube in it. But if I tell you that you are wasting your time watching videos because you yourself can earn money from it, then you will not believe my words.

But it is absolutely true that you can earn money from YouTube sitting at home and that too without spending any ₹1. Friends, as you know that everything has been digitized and everything is done by phone, then you can earn money from the phone itself.

How to earn money from YouTube?

Before earning money, I want to tell you what is YouTube. YouTube is a Google platform where thousands of videos are uploaded every day and millions of people watch them. You must have seen that whenever we watch a video, an ad comes in it which is of 5 and 10 seconds, then that person and YouTube earn from the same ads.

So if you also want to earn, you follow my teeth given below and you too can earn money sitting at home, then let's start today's topic.

Create Account.

Before coming to YouTube, you must have a Google account because without that account you cannot create a channel on YouTube, then first create your account on Gmail and then sign in to YouTube.

On YouTube, you will get an option on the side where it will be written that if you create your account, then you have to create your account first.

account name

Keep in mind that you keep the name of your account according to your content, like if you have knowledge of something and you want to inform others about something, then you can name your channel with the same name. You can keep it so that someone can know about your channel only after reading the name of your channel.

uploading contents

After that, the most important thing is to upload your own content because you cannot copy-paste anyone's content because Google has information about every single piece of data, so it is better that you create your own content and some from others. Apart from this, people share your video as much as possible, this will increase the growth of your channel and you will earn more.

Apply for Monetization

After doing all this, you can send your channel for monetization if you have 1000 subscribers on your channel and Google's team will review your channel and after that, it will approve your YouTube channel so that you can earn money.

After that, you can link your account with your channel so that you will get money directly in your account after a full 1 month. YouTube earnings always depend on the growth of your channel and there is no single estimate of how much one can earn.

my opinion

You can really earn money by reading this article of mine, but it may take some time for your channel to grow because you cannot earn money in a single night because you have to pay attention to your content and anyone's content. Do not steal.

You have to pay attention to your channel every day and your channel will grow slowly and on seeing your channel will become very famous and many people will join you who will share every one of your videos.

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