Sell photos and earn 45000 per month.

Earn money by selling photos.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right, now you too can earn money sitting at home and that too without doing much hard work. As you all know that time is changing right now and everyone is running towards digital time and everything has become very easy.

Now you get to know everything online and you can get everything sitting at home, this is the biggest advantage of technology that you can get everything ordered at home without anywhere.

So let's talk about how we can earn money by selling photos and what is the way of it.

Many of you will not know that there are many such websites around the world that want every type of photo because they earn a lot of money because all those youtube and bloggers use photos on their platform to give them that photo. If they want whatever is of their work, then these companies sell their photos for money.

Do you want to earn money with Facebook?

We call all these companies freelancers, which allow you to work from home and also give you money.

If you have a good mobile then you can also earn a lot of money from the website given below, but your photo should be very unique because your photo will be selected only if there is some good thing in it and they will need that photo because you are someone else. Can't send photos to them.


This is an amazing website. Its main office is in America, which means that you will get the payment in dollars.

First of all, you have to open this website and after that, you will see the signup option there where you will have to fill in your necessary information like your name, your date of birth, any other question you will have to give information only then you can do this. You can open your account on the website.

Earn 30,000 per month with Youtube at home.

After doing this you will get the option of upload photos where you can upload your key and their team will review your photo and when your photo is selected and someone buys it then you will get your payment directly in your bank account.

shutter stock

If I talk about this website, then it is the largest website in the world where you will get to see every single photo. Because more than 500000 people are working from home on this website, which is also earning a lot because when the website gives you a very good payment if any of your photos are liked by them.

You also have to do the same on this website same as I told you above, you have to create your account and also put your necessary information on this website and their team will select your profile and after that where you will be able to upload a photo And the photo that his team will like, he himself will select it.

Getty Images

This website comes second after the Shutterstock website where you will get to see many photos. Millions of people work on this website too and they are earning a lot of income sitting at home.

This is also an international website that pays you money in dollars. Where you can easily create your account because it is not such a strict website and where many of your photos will be selected which will be rejected by both of your above-given websites.

Do you want to earn money with google at home

All you have to do is to create your account on this website as well and after that upload your taken photos.

my opinion

If you are sitting free at home then this job is best for you because you can earn money very easily because there can be no better and simpler way than this.

All you have to keep in mind is that you click more and more unique and good quality photos so that every single photo of yours is liked by them and sold as soon as possible so that you can earn a lot.

It can also be a part-time job if you study together and or you are a housewife.


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